Possible Venom movie logo spotted at Brazil Comic-Con

The VENOM movie will finally give fans of the comic the gritty, mature, and hopefully, R-rated and violent version of the Spider-Man character they’ve grown to love over the years. We can only hope the character will look cool too, but before we see any of him we have our first glimpse at what may be the movie’s logo, and with it a brand new hashtag you can use with all the other cool kids.

Spotted at the Sony booth at Brazil’s Comic-Con experience, a VENOM banner features a large red “V” on a black canvas, followed by the words “We Are #Venom”, with the style for the first two words looking suitably bloody. Here, look for yourselves below via photos on Twitter

If this is the main logo it looks pretty sweet, indeed. Perhaps in the past, the logo would've been nothing more than the word “Venom” in some sort of blocky, monochrome, boring font, but this feels very loose and darkly playful. Maybe Sony thinks this can be their version of DEADPOOL, having a more tongue-in-cheek, energetic vibe with bloody thrills. That would certainly be a step up from the last time we saw Venom on screen in *holds back tears* SPIDER-MAN 3. Sorry, it’s still just tough to think about, you know?

We still don’t know a lot about the movie, other than it stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock/Venom, and then Riz Ahmed, Jenny Slate and Michelle Williams in unnamed roles. There have also been some mysterious, on-set photos posted to social media, but none of them have been terribly revealing. Perhaps as we move into the early days of 2018 we will learn more about the film, hopefully with some footage coming in ahead of films like BLACK PANTHER or NEW MUTANTS. Maybe the full trailer can come out in front of DEADPOOL 2, and they can be R-rated movie buddies. 

VENOM is set for October 5, 2018.

Source: Twitter



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