Post-Dark Tower Ron Howard picks up a new project in Heaven

Now that THE DARK TOWER has gone bust, Ron Howard has about ten years of free time on his hands. I have a hunch he might have been expecting the collapse, as he was already taking on RUSH and SPY VS SPY, but now he is legitimately free of that massive commitment, and can do even more films.

TOWER-killing Universal is trying to woo him back with a new film being developed for him, an adaptation of Jon Karkauer's UNDER THE BANNER OF HEAVEN which follows two brothers who kill people because they claim God tells them too. No, this is not a FRAILTY sequel. Here's a bit more info on the story:

"Under the Banner Of Heaven focuses on two brothers who murdered the wife and infant daughter of their younger brother. The killers claimed they were acting on orders from God, consistent with their interpretation of a fundamentalist interpretation that goes back to the formation of Mormonism. The brothers were members of a splinter group called the School of Prophets, which adhered to original tenets of the faith that included polygamy and a belief that true believers could speak directly with God. These were rooted as the faith grew to a mainstream appeal, but the brothers remain convinced they were obeying God's command when they committed the heinous crime."

The film is being written by Dustin Lance Black who scripted MILK and recently J EDGAR, so he's definitely a man you'd want working for you. I think most fans are glad that the Howard DARK TOWER project dissolved as it would be almost impossible to do the series justice, and hopefully Howard's new films will be more up his alley.

Extra Tidbit: And Javier Bardem was a bad pick for Roland anyway.
Source: Deadline



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