Post-Royal Wedding we've got six new clips from Bridesmaids

This past weekend most of the "bridesmaids" talk was centered around Pippa Middleton, the hot and single sister of now Princess Kate Middleton. I know this because I needed to search for BRIDESMAIDS images and couldn't find anything on the movie but had plenty of Pippa (which turned out to be not such a terrible thing).

But now that the Royal Wedding is thankfully over, we can turn our attention to the real BRIDESMAIDS. You may see some ads in newspapers and magazines with my big, stupid name on them touting how much I like the film and it's very much true. I can't wait to see it again whenever it opens. It's not a chick flick other than it's a flick that has chicks in it. It's just a really funny comedy.

Today we've got six new clips from the film to share. I've teased one below that you may have seen bits of pieces of in the trailer and to see the rest, head over to our BRIDESMAIDS video page for all the latest. The film hits theaters on May 13th, perfect time to payback your girlfriend for coming to see THOR with you.

Source: JoBlo.com



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