Post-tsunami, Warner Bros. pulls Hereafter from Japanese theaters

HEREAFTER was nominated for a visual effects Academy Award for its harrowing opening sequence that depicts a devastating tsunami. While the movie hits DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow here in the US, the movie was just beginning to play theaters in Japan. But following the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit the Pacific rim, executives at Warner Bros. have pulled the film from theaters.

Head of Warner Entertainment Japan, Satoru Otani said that continuing to run the film was "not appropriate" and that it would be pulled from the rest of its theatrical release.

It should also be interesting to see how Guillermo del Toro's recently announced PACIFIC RIM project would handle the now sensitive issue of earthquakes and tsunamis. The film revolves around a monster attack unleashed by both of those same natural disasters.

As for HEREAFTER, don't worry people of Japan, you aren't missing anything. I think SCOTT PILGRIM is still in theaters, go check that out instead. And a sincere wish of the best to everyone effected by the quake and tsunami.

Source: Deadline



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