Potential post Dark Knight Rises plots?

Broken Batman mask

I hope I haven't gotten you too excited and/or incensed, as this is only a bit of (very fun) speculation rather than any sort of significant statement from Warner Bros. That being said, you can bet your britches that the higher-ups are already making their wishlists for the next director/actor team to bring to Batman's world, as it has been stated pretty plainly that the Caped Crusader won't have all too long of a break before Gotham's shit hits the fan yet again.

But in the meantime, for a laugh and some fun speculation (plus one that is less "fun" and more "a Baf-fan's nightmare"), Hero Complex has drawn up twelve propositions for the Dark Knight's next movie with three more coming later today. I'm not quite sure why all of the posters all have a retro-vibe (works for some, not for others), though that may be irrelevant as the creative teams listed on the posters are what is more important. And there are definitely some interesting ones that the authors have put together. A few of my personal favorites are included below (along with their accompanying commentary), and you can find the rest here, here, here, and here.

Wes Anderson batman

"Hey Gotham City, why so serious? Bill Murray stars in this quirky, existential Wes Anderson film about the aging manservant who keeps an eye on the demons and delusions of a billionaire recluse named Bruce Wayne (Luke Wilson) who likes to wear a cape and pretend he is a masked vigilante. The film also stars as Danny Glover as Jim Gordon, Gweneth Paltrow as Selina Kyle, Jason Schwartzman as Dick Grayson and Owen Wilson as Harvey Dent. Gene Hackman makes a cameo appearance as the ghost of Thomas Wayne."

Guillermo del Toro Batman

"Bruce Wayne created his fearsome Batman persona to scare criminals (a “superstitious and cowardly lot”) and through the years in the comics he has run into true creatures of the night. That legacy now reaches the screen as Guillermo del Toro ( “Pan’s Labyrinth,” “Hellboy”) veers away from Christopher Nolan’s grounded Gotham to present a spooky city where the occult and dark science mix in the shadows. Jonathan Rhys Meyers, with his haunted eyes and dark charisma, is the title character and he’s got all he can handle with Hugo Strange (Ben Kingsley)  and Man-Bat (Doug Jones) — not to mention Jim Corrigan (Michael C. Hall), a murdered cop who won’t stay dead."

Guy Ritchie Batman

"Director Guy Ritchie found his biggest commercial success when Warner Bros trusted him to make a high-energy version of an  iconic detective. Now the studio hands him an even bigger job: replacing Christopher Nolan. Ritchie makes a bold choice to loosely adapt “Gotham by Gaslight,” the graphic novel that re-imagined Bruce Wayne as a Victorian age adventure hero. Ritchie brings along his “Sherlock Holmes” stars but this time they go head-to-head on screen with Jude Law as Batman and Robert Downey Jr. as the Joker, a.k.a. Jack the Ripper. Kate Beckinsale plays Selina Kyle while Brendan Gleeson is Oswald Cobblepot and Martin Freeman is James Gordon."

Hayao Miyazaki Batman

"The world-class dreamer of Studio Ghibli takes the Batman mythology into a strange and wonderful new direction with the tale of Bat Mite, a magical imp who is tethered to the life energy of Bruce Wayne and lives inside a giant penny in the Batcave. When the billionaire sleeps, Bat Mite goes on patrol in Gotham collecting the tears of orphans and protecting them from harm. When King Tut learns the magic power of those tears, Bat Mite becomes his quarry. The English version features voice actors Jamie Bell as Bat Mite, Matt Damon as Bruce Wayne, Tommy Lee Jones as Killer Croc, Jeremy Renner as Killer Moth and Elton John as King Tut."

Extra Tidbit: (SPOILER ALERT for the comic arc "Knightfall") I feel like there was a missed opportunity here, considering how Bane breaks Batman's back in the comics, to go with "Ang Lee's Brokeback Manor."
Source: Hero Complex



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