Potter 7 Spoilers

     Isn't magic great?

Seeing as how the 6th Potter film has been making bundles and generated much acclaim, even I am getting curious about the final chapter, whose first part is still over a year away.

Of course every fan knows about the story from the book, but a cinematic adaptation IS always a little different, isn't it?... And this one being in two parts, one major question is what will be the obligatory cliffhanger. So everyone is already fishing to know what will and won't be in those final two movies.

Talking at a recent Potter convention called MuggleMayhem, Josh Herdman, AKA that kid who plays Goyle (one of Malfoy's two henchmen) revealed some tidbits about how the film will be split and what will differ from the book. Stop reading if you wish to remain spoil-free...

As far as the split goes, the actor revealed the first film will end with the 3 main kids being captured by the snatchers, and the second opening at Malfoy manor. He also addressed the legal problems of the other Malfoy lackey Crabbe, played by actor Jamie Wylett who a few months ago was  arrested and convicted for cannabis possession (Harry Pothead..hehe). The situation will probably force Goyle to be the one to die instead of Crabbe who might not even appear in either films.

With 13 months to wait before release, things may change as far as story and editing goes, so the young man's revelation shouldn't be taken as rock solid confirmation. Now, if any Potter fan care to explain the plot points, since I have no clue what I just talked about...

Extra Tidbit: Bill Nighy in DEATHLY HALLOWS: About friggin time!
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