Power Rangers releases new viral site

I've mentioned before my excitement for the new POWER RANGERS reboot. From the more realistic tone, to the amping up of the teen drama, to the cool costume redesigns, there's been nothing I've outright hated, and a lot of things I've actively enjoyed. I mean, the movie could still be shit, but right now I'm optimistic after that recent trailer.

This brings us to even more marketing materials! Yay! The studio, Lionsgate, has mocked up a new viral site for the film that is intended to look like a website for the Rangers' fictional school Angel Grove High.

To be honest, this is actually really awesome. I like it when studios go the extra mile with their viral stuff, and this site actually looks pretty authentic. Beyond verisimilitude, however, it also gives us cool background details on the new characters. We learn that Jason is a football jock instead of a martial artist, Trini is now an awkward new student, and Kimberly is a popular cheerleader dealing with rumors and gossip (though that gossip page probably wouldn't be allowed by faculty in real life). They even have a dumb hashtag based on their mascot The Tigers (#heartheroar) that I love because of how realistically awful that is, and something I could totally see real high schools doing to stay relevant. Even if that was an accident by the studios part, I still think it works. 

Anyway, POWER RANGERS will morph into theaters March 24th, 2017.

So what do you guys think? And any younger readers work on their high school websites or social media pages? If so, how accurate is this?

Extra Tidbit: In the TV show, there was no continuity in how Angel Grove was depicted between the US footage (which showed it as a small-ish California town) to the Japanese footage, where there were giant skyscrapers and even Japanese structures around.



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