Power Rangers VR experience reveals up-close looks at designs from the film

It is surprising how little presence the POWER RANGERS marketing has had, especially as it's so close to its release date. We've mainly gotten our look at the designs of the Zords and creatures through their toys, and so far its only released one trailer without any action, costumes, or Zords in it. While I've been championing the film, it does have me worried. I hope that they're just waiting to make sure that everything is just right before making their big push rather than (the more likely reason) that the post-production is hitting major problems.

Having said that, there was an event in Las Vegas - the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show - that showed off a POWER RANGERS VR experience. While not exactly form the film, this is the best look we've seen of Zordon's (Bryan Cranston) headquarters, as well as a more detailed look at the Zords:

You know, I still like these designs. I appreciate how modern, sleek, and alien everything is. Let's hope the real CGI is better than this VR screenshot, however.

Either way, POWER RANGERS will "GO! GO!" into theaters March 24th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: Power Rangers the TV series is still going strong and will be celebrating its 24th (!) anniversary in August.
Source: Lionsgate



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