Praise the gods! American Gods gets second season order!

Now, there's always going to be apprehension when there's a film or TV adaptation of a book or graphic novel that you love. You grow attached to certain characters, scenes, lines, and there's always a twinge of disappointment when a character is cut out, combined with someone else, or when entire scenes, lines, subplots, and even motivations are changed - seemingly arbitrarily. Obviously, when adapting from one medium to another, there's always going to be changes (it's the nature of the beast). At a certain point, you just have to hope that the makers at least get the main themes and tone, and try to keep as much intact as they can.

So, if we're going by that criteria, Bryan Fuller's take on Neil Gaiman's AMERICAN GODS has been a resounding success! The cast is spot-on, the plot almost entirely intact, and most changes (opening on the Viking story, a more sympathetic Audrey, a revamped design for The Technical Boy) all have easy to decipher reasons for existing. Hell, they even have the guy getting sucked inside a pussy scene! And the second episode with the introduction of Mr. Nancy (Orlando Jones) just made the show ever better!

So it's heartening to hear that STARZ agrees, and is greenlighting a whole 'nother season. There's so much to this story, and I'm glad to see that the time, effort, and ambition that's been put into the show - and deservedly so. I can't wait to see what Fuller and co. have in store for us.

But what about you Schmoes? Any fans of AMERICAN GODS? And if so, you like the show as much as I do so far? Either way, sound off below!

No official release date for the second season  of AMERICAN GODS as of yet - save a nebulous mid-2018 - but the first season is out now. Check out the third episode May 14th! 

Extra Tidbit: Damn, Orlando Jones fucking killed it as Mr. Nancy!
Source: Deadline



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