Pre-order Up goodies

UP doesn't open for another five months but you can already pre-order some cool tie-ins from Pixar's latest (and first foray into 3-D). PixarBlog reports that you can pre-order "The Art of UP," a behind-the-scenes book that features more than 250 pieces of concept art developed for the feature, including storyboards, full-color pastels, digital and pencil sketches, character studies, color scripts, and more. If you've ever seen any of the previous "Art of" Pixar books you know how awesome they are. You can also pre-order your copy of a copy of the UP video game on Mac/PC, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Sony PSP, and Xbox 360. Beware though because the game synopsis includes a spoiler about the film and it's villain. Neither of these products will actually be available for some time (the book on April 29th and the game on May 26th) but maybe while you got some extra holiday cash lying around, now's the time to put in that order...

Extra Tidbit: A character from UP makes a very brief appearance in RATATOUILLE. Can you figure out who?
Source: JoBlo.com



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