Preacher comic villain Herr Starr to be a major part of Season 2

There's no doubt that AMC's PREACHER introduced audience members to a whole gaggle of bizarre and interesting characters throughout its debut season. Thankfully, there are still plenty of those left from the pages of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's original comic book series. As things stand, you've already met Arseface, the angels Fiore and DeBlanc, the Billy-Idol-like vampire Cassidy, and who could forget Jackie Earle Haley's Odin Quincannon? Trust me, as someone who's read the comic series from beginning to end, the PREACHER property still has plenty of oddball characters loaded into its twitchy six-shooters.

Recently, PREACHER showrunner Sam Catlin told Entertainment Weekly“We bring in all sorts of crazy characters from the comic that we had to really restrain ourselves from bringing in too early in season 1,” Catlin says. “So that’s been a lot of fun.”

Ah, now here's where we get to the good stuff. As a part of the second season, Catlin and his team will introduce a character named Herr Starr to the series. As far as assholes go, Herr Starr is most definitely one of those. Here's the deal, Starr is a German mass murderer with an insatiable appetite for perverse sexual experimentation. He works for a secretive organization called The Grail who is responsible for protecting the deformed and inbred Messiah. Yeah, saying that he's an interesting dude would be a gross understatement.

Catlin continued spilling some details about the character by saying, “He’ll be a big part of the season and he’ll be a big part of Jesse’s life going forward,” the showrunner says of Starr. “That was a character that, as soon as I read the comic the first time, I loved him so much. Obviously, we couldn’t wait to bring him out and give him his due.” 

Stepping into the role of Herr Starr for AMC's PREACHER will be THE CROWN and POLDARK actor Pip Torrens. The show has just recently kicked off the start of its second season on AMC. It now airs on Monday evenings.

Extra Tidbit: Wait until you discover how Starr got that star-shaped scar across his face. It's some pretty traumatizing stuff.



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