Predators for Nimrod

Just a few weeks back it was reported that Neil Marshall was the top choice to direct the upcoming rebootmakequel PREDATORS for Fox. Producer Robert Rodriguez himself said that while Marshall while was in the running, so were a number of other candidates that he liked equally. Now it seems that Marshall might be out in favor of VACANCY director Nimrod Antal.

Latino Review is reporting that Antal, who also directs the upcoming ARMORED, is the leading candidate to get the gig at Fox. I'm embarrassed to say I've never seen Antal's critically acclaimed directorial debut KONTROLL (though I just got it ready on Netflix's "Watch Instantly"), VACANCY was a surprisingly effective thriller. I've heard precious little on the ARMORED front (other than the film was pushed back from a September to a December release) but Rodriguez must have seen the movie and liked what he saw.

So what do you think? Do you have faith in Antal? Are you bummed that Marshall is no longer the leading candidate? If you don't like either of these guys, who would you suggest?

Extra Tidbit: The guy's name is actually pronounced Neem-rode.
Source: Latino Review



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