Prepare for The Dark Knight Rises on DVD and Blu-ray with these behind the scenes clips and photos!

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THE DARK KNIGHT RISES releases on DVD and Blu-ray one week from tomorrow, and if any fans of the film out there weren't excited enough already then Warner Bros. has released a batch of behind the scenes videos and photos for your viewing pleasure.  Covering a bit about Tom Hardy's transformation into Bane, Anne Hathaway's exploration of Catwoman, the football field set piece, and the brutal fight between Batman and Bane in Gotham's sewers, these featurettes and pictures are sure to get any Bat-fan's engine revving. 

Don't forget that when THE DARK KNIGHT RISES hits on December 4th almost every major retailer will be marketing its own special edition or exclusive, so make sure to do your research before you buy!

Here are four of the forty seven total photos that chronicle the aforementioned fight between Bane and Batman - you can find all the rest by clicking right here.

The Dark Knight Rises B and B fight 1

The Dark Knight Rises B and B fight 2

The Dark Knight Rises B and B fight 3

The Dark Knight Rises B and B fight 4

Extra Tidbit: Have your feelings on THE DARK KNIGHT RISES shifted at all in the subsequent months since its release?



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