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Who’s In It? Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Tim Robbins, Mark Strong, Temuera Morrison, Angela Bassett, Geoffrey Rush (voice), Michael Clarke Duncan (voice)

Who Made It? Directed by Martin Campbell (Warner Bros.)

What Is It? For his third time bringing a comic book character to life, Ryan Reynolds joins the big league as he slips on DC's finest jewelry and shines GREEN LANTERN's loight on evil. Hotshot pilot Hal Jordan gets whisked away to a distant planet for a crash course in the Lantern arts and joins an intergalactic police force, then returns home to fight bighead Peter Sarsgaard and a giant blobby space villain. In 3D!

How’s It Look From Here? Is it possible for a comic book movie to be too "comic booky"? Fans of the Green Lantern's adventures in the pages will surely be excited to see the lore come to life, but how much of your average audience is familiar with the character beyond the logo, and how will they respond to pink people and a bird-guy and a hero who creates emerald CG objects from a ring?



Who’s In It? Jim Carrey, Carla Gugino, Angela Lansbury, Clark Gregg, Jeffrey Tambor, David Krumholtz

Who Made It? Directed by Mark Waters (Fox)

What Is It? The beloved childrens book from 1938 gets remodeled for the 21st century by giving New York businessman Jim Carrey custody of a half-dozen little cold-loving tuxedo-wearing guests. Lives are changed, lessons are learned, and crazy faces (and excrement jokes) are made.

How’s It Look From Here? Jim Carrey's more spastic side hasn't been seen much in recent years, but he seems to be getting back in touch with his rubbery clown roots (and channels a hint of Ace Ventura) for antics with birds of the Antarctic and computer-generated variety. But wouldn't a Thanksgiving/Christmas release make more sense? Or is the idea to make audiences feel cooler by escaping the summer heat chilling with Carrey and company?



Of this summer's (overwhelmingly Marvel) superhero movies, GREEN LANTERN might have the best chance of getting readers of DC's non-Batman/Superman comics, as well as the imaginations of younger crowds who have been craving another huge 3D sci-fi adventure post-AVATAR. Then again, everyone loves penguins! Look, so cute. (If you're feeling romantic for something other than flightless birds or Ryan's abs, the teen romcom THE ART OF GETTING BY is entering the fray in limited release.)

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