Prince of Persia officially the highest grossing video game movie ever

After it came out, I said that PRINCE OF PERSIA was pretty good…for a video game movie. Now, there’s similar statement to make, PRINCE OF PERSIA has made a pretty good amount of money…for a video game movie.

Yes, PRINCE OF PERSIA now has officially become the highest grossing video game movie ever, as it’s just surpassed $300M worldwide. The problem? The production budget plus marketing costs is around $300M, meaning the film has just broken even. I have to kind of blame Disney for that though. $300M is a very impressive haul for a movie as average as PRINCE OF PERSIA, and thinking it was going to put up MASSIVE numbers was being far too optimistic if you ask me.

What movie did the Prince unseat? That would be LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER ($274M), a pretty terrible movie in its own right, but one that had everyone who had ever played a video game turn out to see their buxom polygoned heroine brought to life by Angelina Jolie.

What will be the next video game film to unseat PERSIA? I honestly can’t say. No way that 3D ticket sales propel RE: AFTERLIFE to top it, and unless MASS EFFECT becomes the next STAR WARS (which it should), I’m just not sure what other game has what it takes for mass box office appeal.

Extra Tidbit: Maybe the HALO movie, if that ever gets made.
Source: FilmJunk



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