Prodigy Panabaker

Will pouty-lipped cutie Danielle Panabaker be the next Action Girl?

That could depend on how good PRODIGY turns out to be. The fine young star of SKY HIGH and MR. BROOKS will star in the sci-fi action flick. The story (based on Dave Kalstein's novel) revolves around an elite boarding school dedicated to crafting future leaders through questionable educational and medical techniques. When several alumni are murdered, the matter is investigated by a pair of students who unravel a conspiracy. You can bet it goes (bum-bum-BUM)... all the way to The Top.

The movie comes from director Chuck Russell, who you'll know from ERASER and SCORPION KING, which should provide some insight to the level of exaggerated reality we can probably expect.

Meanwhile, Panabaker will soon be seen fleeing the machete of the illustrious Mr. Voorhees in the FRIDAY THE 13th remake.

Extra Tidbit: Russell was responsible for a chapter of another famous slasher -- he directed NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3: DREAM WARRIORS. And the underappreciated remake of THE BLOB, starring Johnny Drama!
Source: THR



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