Provocative but misleading headline: Amber Heard in Syrup

Delicious mental image of the actress in sticky sweet fluid aside, Amber Heard will bring her lithe young hotness to the indie comedy SYRUP.

Shiloh Fernandez (RED RIDING HOOD) will also star in the adaptation of Max "Maxx" Barry's satirical 2000 novel.

In Barry's book, arrogant marketing graduate "Scat" moves to L.A. seeking fame and fortune, and takes his idea for a new cola called Fukk to a ruthless young manager named 6 at a major soda company. But Scat's roommate Sneaky Pete swipes the idea, gets hired by Coke and is put in charge of the company's first mega-budget movie. The angered Scat and 6 go off to make their own indie version of the film while trying to beat Sneaky Pete at his own game.

Considering the book's advertising angle and inside-Hollywood plot (with "cameos" from A-list actors), it's surprising it took so long to get made into a movie. Aram Rappaport is directing and Barry co-wrote the script, which will likely be updated with the online aspects and other things that have become omnipresent in the decade since the book was published.

Barry also wrote the futuristic "Jennifer Government", which Steven Soderbergh once considered adapting, and MACHINE MAN, one of Darren Aronofsky's potential projects.

Heard will next be seen with Johnny Depp in THE RUM DIARY.

Extra Tidbit: Anyone catch THE JONESES, which featured lots of Heard?
Source: Variety



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