Pumpkinhead set to stalk comic book shelves in early 2018

One of the scariest titles that is currently haunting comic book shelves is Harrow County written by Cullen Bunn with art by Tyler Crook (and others). In the American on-going series published by Dark Horse Comics, a young woman named Emmy learns that she is connected to the ghosts, demons and nightmares that dwell within the woods behind her childhood home. As the mystery behind Emmy's upbringing starts to unravel, long-lost relatives of a monstrous nature decend on the town where she lives, changing the landsape and its people forever. It's a wondefully creepy book and I highly recommend reading it.

Today, we've learned that Dynamite Comics has tasked Bunn with writing a new comic book series based on the mythology of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures horror franchise PUMPKINHEAD. Set to be released in early 2018 the first issue will feature a cover illustrated by comic book horror legend Kelley Jones.

In talking about his history with the character and film series, Cullen stated, “I watched Pumpkinhead on opening night in a little two-screen movie theater outside Berkeley Mall in Goldsboro, North Carolina,” Bunn said, explaining how deep his love for the franchise runs. “To say it helped cement my love of horror (and, in particular, ‘rural horror’, which I write a lot of these days) would be an understatement. I can recite the poem from memory. I even play the soundtrack while writing my own stories. The pacing, the eeriness of the setting, the interplay of weird light and shadow. These are all elements I hope to capture in the comic. As a longtime fan of horror, I hold this movie in high regard, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be contributing to the backwoods mythos of Haggis and Bunt Wallace and the Demon of Vengeance his own self.”

Hell yeah! I honestly can't think of a better writer to tackle the Pumpkinhead monster in comic book form than Cullen Bunn. In addition to his work on Harrow County, Bunn has also penned a wealth of riveting comic book series such as The Empty Man, Death Follows, Deadpool, Aquaman and much more! To tell you the truth, I'm still waiting for his his long-running, now complete Oni Press Western series The Sixth Gun to finally be adapted for film or television. Back in 2012, Carlton Cuse was supposidly producing the series for NBC, though it's been ages since we've heard of an update on that project. It's the perfect vehicle for an epic adventure into the Wild West, and is filled to the ten-gallon brim with exciting characters, twists and turns. Get on it, Hollywood!

Cullen Bunn's PUMPKINHEAD comic will be unleashed upon the world in February of 2018.

Extra Tidbit: I will pre-order the daylights out of this title!
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