Quantum of errors

I've yet to see QUANTUM OF SOLACE, so I can't verify the amount of flubs in the flick, but someone out there is doing the counting. A lot of it.

It looks like 007 has become embroiled in his fair share of continuity issues and factual errors (not that facts ever got in Bond's way before).

A few examples from the movie:

In the rooftop chase between Bond and Mitchell, it is obvious that both characters are wearing black running shoes, whereas before the chase started both were wearing smart black suit shoes.

During the film, Bond flies to the airport in Bregenz, Austria. There is no airport in Bregenz.

When Bond is talking to Mathis at a table at the cottage in Italy, Mathis' watch faces the side of his wrist, to be easily seen on camera. Then in the next shot it suddenly faces the outside of his wrist like watches are usually worn.

Check out the full nitpick list RIGHT HERE.

Extra Tidbit: I was really hoping for more nip-slips. Mostly from the ladies.
Source: Movie Mistakes



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