R-rated stop-motion movie Hell and Back drags a trio of new actors down to Satan's realm

JumailPeaceAnnounced back in December, HELL AND BACK is a stop-motion movie about "two friends who have to rescue their buddy when he's accidentally dragged to hell."  Sounds like a fun Friday night, right? Well it only gets better, because Rob Riggle, Kumail Nanjiani, and Brian Posehn have all joined the R-rated adventure.  Riggle more or less steals just about every movie he's in, so I'll admit that I'm pretty stoked about this new development.  HELL AND BACK is being crafted by ShadowMachine Films, the folks that created Robot Chicken, so there's already an excellently weird and foul-mouthed pedigree of talent involved here. 

As per the press release: "Riggle will play a 20-year old who's starting to grow up, much to the chagrin of his friends Augie and Remy. Posehn will portray an aging heavy-metal fan stuck in the '80s and Nanjiani will play Sal the Demon, an employee of hell."

The movie already stars TJ Miller (Cloverfield) and Nick Swardson (BUCKY LARSON).  It was written by Ross Shuman, Tommy Gianas and Hugh Sterbakov, and is being co-directed by Shuman and Gianas.



Extra Tidbit: I have no idea whether the role has been cast yet, but - Satan. Who should it be? Pick the voice you yearn to hear come out of The Devil's mouth.
Source: Variety



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