R-Rated Transformers?

I grew up worshipping Optimus Prime. The animated TRANSFORMERS MOVIE shaped my life. It taught me about friendship and responsibility, valor and pride. And most importantly it taught me that if I die, I should for no reason ever give the matrix of leadership to Ultra Magnus. Because that's just a bad day for everyone.

Therefore, I don't really need a new development to get me more excited about the upcoming Michael Bay TRANSFORMERS movie. That said, there is one anyway: turns out that when the MPAA took a look at the first cut for the movie, they slapped it with a rating of "R" for intense action and violence. Apparently, Bay didn't want to cut the film and so instead, decided to call on the help of Steven Spielberg - who serves as executive producer on the movie - to ask the MPAA to have a change of heart. Turns out that's exactly what happened as the film has now been given a PG-13 rating.

What this hopefully means is that anybody who was worried about how Bay would handle the source material can at the very least rest assured that there's going to be some real action and bloodshed involved. I'm not sure how great that is in the grand scheme of things, but at least we can rest fairly assured that Bay's movie is going to be a mature one... (Thanks to ElderPredator for the tip.)
Extra Tidbit: Some of the shots of the shuttle launch that are seen in the TRANSFORMERS Teaser are from Ron Howard's Apollo 13.
Source: FilmJunk



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