Raimi gets Pulpy

Sam Raimi Stax from over at IGN is reporting that Sam Raimi is looking to bring almost the entire roster of pulp superheroes from now defunct comic publisher Street & Smith Publications to the big screen in an as-yet untitled film. No word on the plot that'll find all these characters inhabiting the same universe but so far Doc Savage, The Shadow and The Avenger are confirmed to be appearing in the film. Raimi apparently plans to direct the film himself from a script by Siavash Farahani (IMDB profile shows a single directorial credit), who wrote RUSE, an adpatation of the CrossGen Comic title, for Disney. Read more about it over at IGN HERE. In the meantime, Raimi's got his hands full with a fiesty little webcrawler who'll be kicking some major ass in SPIDER-MAN 3.

Extra Tidbit: Street & Smith stopped publishing their pulp titles in 1949. Before anyone attacks in the strike backs, I didn't say they stopped publishing completely, just pulp titles.
Source: IGN



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