Raimi: Hobbit? Spidey?

SPIDER-MAN 3 could well be the best blockbuster bet in history, but is the man most responsible for the series' success ready to move beyond Marvel's arachnid-powered hero?

Could be -- director Sam Raimi tells EW that there's indeed truth to the rumor that he's been pursued for an adaptation of THE HOBBIT, and that he is considering it: "If Peter [Jackson] didn't want to do it, and Bob [Shaye, New Line honcho] wanted me to do it-and they were both ok with me picking up the reins-that would be great. I love the book. It's maybe a more kid-friendly story than the others."

What does that mean for the SPIDER-FRANCHISE? Sounds like there will be more Parker angst and web-swinging antics regardless of who's in the costume or behind the camera. Sony production pres Matt Tolmach says it best: "Listen, we're making SPIDER-MAN 4. Our hope, dream and intention is to do it with Sam."

Meanwhile, Kirsten Dunst drastically overestimates her own value to the franchise: "It's disrespectful to the whole team, I think, to do that. And audiences aren't stupid. It'd be a big flop without me, Tobey, or Sam." Then again, sweetie, some of us think it'd be that much better if your droopy-lidded disinterested visage was never a part of it to begin with. My dream version of the SPIDER-MAN 1-3 directors cuts is to have Dunst replaced with Jessica Biel, who should've been our MJ all along.

So it sounds like we'll get more of the wall-crawler no matter who returns to their original creative positions. But where will the story go? I've already stated my preference: set up (however briefly) some "animal villains" -- Vulture, Lizard, Rhino -- and then have Kraven the Hunter treat them and Spidey like "big game". Give me a call, Sony -- I'll even write it for you. For a mere 3% of the budget.
Extra Tidbit: Everyone's probably asking the REAL important question: "Will Ted Raimi be back?"
Source: EW.com



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