Raimi's Monster Zoo

Something tells me that Sam Raimi's craving for quirky horror is returning with a vengeance, and I have doubts he'll ever want to revisit the wall-crawling series that provided him with fistfuls of A-list Hollywood clout.

Paramount has grabbed the rights to Doug TenNapel's upcoming Image graphic novel MONSTER ZOO. Raimi, currently prepping his return to terror DRAG ME TO HELL, will produce and potentially direct the adaptation. As the title implies, it's the story of a young boy who discovers his local zoo may be more frightening than he imagined.

This certainly has my interest -- I'm a huge fan of TenNapel's charmingly spastic art, expressive characters and amazingly inventive and touching stories. Though he's probably best known for his association with EARTHWORM JIM, he's also the creator of the brilliant graphic novel CREATURE TECH, one of my favorite comic tales ever. Not to mention his robot western IRON WEST, his supernatural noir BLACK CHERRY and his otherworldly trek EARTHBOY JACOBUS.

So yeah, add Raimi and I'm all up in that zoo.
Extra Tidbit: Besides comics, TenNapel has worked on cartoons, PC videogames and live-action TV series.
Source: Variety



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