Rain of Madness!

Before the THUNDER, comes the madness... You might have heard the rumors that in an effort to promote their epic comedy TROPIC THUNDER, Paramount was working on a HEARTS OF DARKNESS style documentary about the film. That film is called RAIN OF MADNESS and it has a trailer. This supplemental film already looks funnier than most actual movies. Hell I laughed more at this trailer for a fake documentary about a movie I haven't seen yet than I did at GET SMART. All the major cast members - Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey, Jr. - all participate in a major way, which just shows you how dedicated they are to a comedy they know is going to kick you in the ass. It's still unclear how RAIN OF MADNESS will be released (will it see theaters) but whatever and whenever that release is, it's already clear you've gotta see it. Hopefully we'll get ourselves a sneak at Comic-Con. You can stream the red-band trailer below or head to iTunes and do it high-def style.) Also keep an eye on rainofmadness.com for more from the movie about a movie within a movie. Got that?

Source: iTunes



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