Rainn Wilson to play young Harry Mudd on Star Trek: Discovery

Well, this is interesting news. Apparently, if you somehow didn't read the headline, Rainn Wilson (THE OFFICE) will be playing none other than Harry Mudd in the new STAR TREK DISCOVERY series. For those not well-versed in STAR TREK lore, Mudd appeared in three STAR TREK episodes (two on the original series - "Mudd's Women" and "I, Mud" - and "Mudd's Passion" on the animated series), who was a flamboyant scoundrel with an air of misplaced superiority - something I think Wilson can pull off well.

I personally think this is cool. While it's easy to groan at the blatant fan-service, I think you could easily use Mudd sparingly and organically. After all, he had been around for a while, and it's conceivable he's run afoul of the Federation before. I mean, it could still be groan-worthy, but I don't see why it has to be.

Anyway, what about you Schmoes? You think it's cool seeing a familiar face on DISCOVERY? And if so, how do you feel about Mudd's casting? Sound off below!

No official release date yet (drats!) but it will reportedly warp into existence this summer, or early fall, according to sources close to the production. Let's hope they're right this time.

Extra Tidbit: They confiscated Harry Mudd's ship and used it to sneak into Klingon territory in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS.
Source: Variety



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