Ralph Fiennes and Gerard Butler are black, white and red all over in this poster for Coriolanus

It's probably really immature to laugh at the word "anus" in the title for CORIOLANUS. It's probably even more immature to immediately think of The Great Cornholio right after.

Then I look at this new poster for the film and I'm like, "Shits about to get real". Ralph Fiennes and Gerard Butler are staring intensely at one another. You saw the trailer didn't you? They weren't f*cking around.

The Shakesperian adaptation was written by John Logan (GLADIATOR, THE AVIATOR) and centers on, "Caius Martius “Coriolanus” (Fiennes), a powerful Roman general, who is at odds with the city of Rome. When he seems the esteemed position of Consul, he lacks the votes and love of the public needed to win the title. His anger at the public’s dislike of him causes a riot that leads to his expulsion from Rome. Coriolanus is forced to turn to his sworn enemy, Tullus Aufidius (Butler), for the help he needs to take revenge on the city."

Source: THR



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