Rambo 5 is a go!

While he works on editing his latest film THE EXPENDABLES, Sylvester Stallone has gotten the greenlight on his next project, RAMBO 5. Nu Image/Millennium Films, the financiers behind 2008's RAMBO, gave the film a greenlight with Stallone again directing the sequel. Though Stallone had previously hinted that a new RAMBO film might jump genres (leading to this article at JoBlo.com where we speculated on who Rambo would battle), it's pretty standard fare for the fifth installment. Think of it like RAMBO meets TAKEN. John Rambo will battle his way through human traffickers to rescue a young girl. Instead of heading overseas though, Rambo will be battling by the US/Mexico border.

Though Nu Image/Millennium (the company also behind THE EXPENDABLES) are returning, it's unclear whether Lionsgate will again distribute the film. It would seem likely though as they've worked together on Stallone's last two films. RAMBO is expected to begin production next spring after Stallone wraps promotion for EXPENDABLES.

Extra Tidbit: C'mon Stallone! It's not too late to fight zombies in space!
Source: Variety



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