Rapuzel's hair is long & epic, again, for Tangled: Before Ever After film

I’m not going to lie, I was devastated when Rapunzel lopped off her long, luscious, and seemingly-sentient locks during the third act of Disney’s TANGLED. As someone who takes alarmingly good care of his long, blonde hair, I’ve often felt like Rapunzel is my Disney Princess spirit animal. That’s why today, I’m happy to report that the golden-locked blonde bombshell will be returning to the Disney Kingdom with her hair as long as ever for a TV movie entitled TANGLED: BEFORE EVER AFTER.

What’s being hailed as a tried-and-true Disney Channel Original Movie, TANGLED: BEFORE EVER AFTER will re-introduce Rapunzel and her friends to their animated stomping grounds, as well as mark the first time a Disney Channel Original Movie will lead directly to an on-going series for the network.

TANGLED: BEFORE EVER AFTER appears to be taking a few liberties with the 2010 Disney Computer Animated Classic. Obviously, there’s been a change to the familiar franchise’s art style. That said, TANGLED: BEFORE EVER AFTER will focus on what happened after Rapuzel’s hair was cut and her marriage to Eugene begins.

Confused? Yeah, so am I to an extent. The timeline of this thing is a bit muddy if you ask me. I’m just going by what I’ve been given. It’s especially hard to decipher when you consider that there was also a TANGLED-related short-film released in 2012 called TANGLED EVER AFTER. Disney really needs to think about moving away from the "Ever After" titling habit. Honestly though, any opportunity I have to experience more of Maximus’ antics (Rapunzel’s valiant steed) I’ll gladly take it.

TANGLED: BEFORE EVER AFTER is expected to premiere on The Disney Channel in March of 2017, and you can expect TANGLED: THE SERIES to follow close behind.

Extra Tidbit: When is Disney going to create their own Little Red Riding Hood film? I know other studios have done it, but HOODWINKED was trash, and the SHREK films are old hat.
Source: EW.com



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