Rashida Jones writes, stars in divorce comedy

I'm pretty much amazed at what Rashida Jones has been able to do while being given so little. She was put into an extremely tough situation on "The Office" (the "other girl" wedged in-between the "beloved" Jim and Pam), has the least to do on "Parks and Recreation" and her film roles have been mostly thankless. So she's doing something smart most female actresses wouldn't do: she's writing her own project. She co-wrote the divorce-themed comedy CELESTE AND JESSE FOREVER with Will McCormack and has set the project up at Overture with Seth Gordon (FOUR CHRISTMASES, KING OF KONG) set to direct.

The project would star Jones as Celeste, one-half of a once blissfully married couple going through a divorce. The film would track their struggles to remain friends through and after the divorce as they find new relationships. It's unclear if McCormack, who's also an actor, would star as Jesse. As for Jones, her career could see a big boost later this year with a starring role in David Fincher's THE SOCIAL NETWORK (and to a lesser degree, next month in Kevin Smith's COP OUT).

Extra Tidbit: I do have to say though, the Rashida Jones/Paul Schneider romance on "Parks and Rec" is pretty cute.
Source: THR



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