Rayguns by Weta

If you were one of the few people who saw those little LORD OF THE RINGS movies, you'll be familiar with FX company Weta, who aren't just bringing orcs and trees to cinematic life. They're also crafting some of the coolest items any genuine sci-fi fan could want... but with a high-gravity price tag of nearly 700 bucks.

Weta has created a limited-edition series of ray gun props that are so damn nifty I'm honestly trying to think of what I can afford to do without so that I can buy one of these things. Family heirlooms? Car insurance? A lung? I dunno, but I got my eyes set on a Goliathon.

If you're hitting Comic Con this week, you might get your hands on a more reasonably priced mini version of the awesomely titled Manmelter pistol. Find out more about these extraordinary and seriously coveted (by me) items RIGHT HERE, and check out the wicked retro promo clip RIGHT HERE (or on YouTube RIGHT HERE). And then loan me a couple grand for the set. I deserve it!
Extra Tidbit: Besides the name of the FX company, Weta is a species of giant creepy orthopterous insects found in New Zealand. No wonder they need ray guns.
Source: Weta



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