Re-Poltergeist delayed

MGM was going to repackage the frights of POLTERGEIST and serve them to you on Thanksgiving 2010, but those plans seem to have been sucked into the fearsome static with Carol Anne.

As AITH points out, the remake has been bounced to a vague 2011 release... which raises the question of whether it'll get made. Director Vadim Perelman (HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG) had long been attached.

The studio has been tiptoeing around bankruptcy for a while, so the delay (cancelation?) is conceivably more a matter of getting the cost onto a new fiscal year -- my same theory for the recent push of CABIN IN THE WOODS from 2010 to 2011 (and not for the official reason of 3D conversion).

The original 1982 suburban terror tale was directed by Tobe Hooper (and Steven Spielberg, so the story goes) and involves a family whose new home is haunted, prompting them to bring a team of professional ghost-hunters to save their daughter from the TV spooks. The movie was followed by two sequels (part 2 has its moments) and a long-running syndicated TV spinoff.

Extra Tidbit: As Deadline Hollywood points out, MGM's remake of RED DAWN now slides into the vacant November 24, 2010 slot.
Source: AITH



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