Read the first eleven pages of the Django Unchained graphic novel online now

DJANGO UNCHAINED looks like it jumped right off an old comic book from the 1960s, so it is only fitting that the movie is getting a full graphic novel makeover, courtesy of Vertigo.

Quentin Tarantino's "Southern" is shaping up to be a fun ride and the brand new trailer is no exception. In fact, if you follow that link to the official website, there is a new interactive version of the trailer complete with trivia questions about DJANGO UNCHAINED and Tarantino himself. If you are even a casual fan you should be able to answer them easily and gain access to the opening pages of the graphic novel.

A spoiler warning seems unnecessary here, but be aware that these pages are pretty much the entire opening sequence of the film. So, if you wish to go into the movie completely clear of any info, avoid clicking on the link.

Click here to read the first 11 pages if you are too lazy to answer the trivia questions.

DJANGO UNCHAINED opens in theaters on Christmas Day.

Source: Official Site



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