Reality Bites finds new life as comedy series for NBC

One movie that defined love, life, and relationships in the the 90s was REALITY BITES. Each viewing is like pausing a moment in time down to the smallest details. While it was set nearly twenty years ago, it still perfectly illustrates that feeling right after college for those who have no clue what the next step is. It's one of my favorite films though I don't think that needs saying.

The film is now being revived after all the years as a comedy series on NBC. Director Ben Stiller and writer Helen Childress will both be back on for development. Childress is set to write but it is not mentioned if she will be the sole writer on the project. What's good is that the setting will remain in the 90s, and not some modern revamp which I was hoping they wouldn't do. After I read that Childress was on board I was able to breathe a little easier since I know she would not allow it to be disaster much like what Michael (Stiller) did to Lelaina's work in the film. As for Stiller, he is only on as producer at this moment.

For those who haven't seen the film, the series will follow the same formula centering on, "recent college graduate Lelaina Pierce, the character played in the movie by Ryder, as she struggles to make her way — romantically and professionally — in the recession-plagued, pre-Internet early 1990s. Set in Houston, the show, and Lelaina herself with her video camera, chronicles the lives of her “slacker” friends with whom she shares an apartment."

It will be kind of odd to see new actors take on the roles once filled by Winona Ryder, Ethan Hawke, Steve Zahn, Janeane Garofalo. I've spoken to Childress who actually modeled the characters after herself and friends in her life. Being that close to the source material, she will not let it turn into "meatloaf".

Source: Deadline



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