Reavers confirmed in new image from James Mangold's Logan

Logan header

The Instagram account dedicated to Hugh Jackman's last Wolverine outing has been some home to some really cool first looks, including an aged Prof. X. LOGAN looks to a deliver a variation on the "Old Man Logan" story line and while it's not a true adaptation in terms of plot points, it's already looking like the book's spiritual equivalent, so to speak. In terms of what we can expect, the following was uploaded today with a single word as it's caption; Reaver.

Click to embiggen:

Logan Reavers

For those unfamiliar, Reavers are a team of criminal cyborgs, the most significant of which were dedicated to the destruction of mutants. Namely, Wolverine. The tone of LOGAN seems pretty somber thus far, although I think you can expect plenty of action to come our way with James Mangold's latest. THE WOLVERINE had its moments, but it looks like Mangold and Co. are looking to do fans right with what's being heralded as Hugh Jackman's last picture as Weapon X.

LOGAN opens in theaters on March 3, 2017.

Source: Instagram



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