Reboot of the remake of The Omen is coming from 20th Century Fox

Despite being rebooted less than 10 years ago and with an upcoming television series in development, 20th Century Fox has decided that we need a new take on THE OMEN and will be rebooting the acclaimed horror series.

Bloody Disgusting broke the news regarding the reboot that will be a co-production between Fox and Platinum Dunes. While the 2006 version from director John Moore did gross over $100 million, many disliked that it was essentially a carbon copy of the original film with minor updates to contemporary political references.

THE OMEN was originally released at a time of paranoia within the Catholic Church that spawned countless horror movies like this and THE EXORCIST. We have yet to see a horror movie in that same vein that has been as scary as either of those films, not even the sequels within those franchises. A television series about Damien growing up and becoming evil sounds intriguing in a BATES MOTEL kind of way, but I don't know how they could make another feature film without being a retread of a retread.

Here's hoping Platinum Dunes has a good idea for this one.



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