Reboot Time: Leprechaun gets another chance with helmer Zach Lipovsky

With the reboot of EVIL DEAD being so successful, maybe other franchises in horror have a chance, right? Allow me to present exhibit A:


Is there any possible way that you could reboot this franchise which launched the career of Jennifer Aniston (no, that was FRIENDS) and had "LEPRECHAUN IN THE HOOD" as part of the series of films? It was a horror comedy that wasn't meant to be serious in any sort of way. How could you be with a tag line like "Your luck just ran out"? Will the reboot realize the lack of fear when it comes to a Leprechaun? Not sure. Details on this flick are slim.

What we do know is that Zach Lipovsky, a visual effects veteran who was a finalist from the Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett produced reality show ON THE LOT will serve as the helmer. WWE star Hornswoggle will play Leprechaun this time around. The role has long belonged to Warwick Davis, who has done much cooler things.

I remember back in middle school when everyone was like, "Have you seen THE LEPRECHAUN? It's so creepy!" I would reply, "That doesn't sound creepy at all. Have you seen SUSPIRIA?" (Thanks for that dad!) Instead of typing out a synopsis, I'll just show you the original trailer for a reference...not like you need it.

Source: The Wrap



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