Reboot Time: The Flintstones and Private Benjamin Are Hitting The Big Screen

Jumping over to the realm of animation, I’m surprisingly delighted to hear that Will Ferrell and Adam McKay are executive producing a new a full-length animated feature of THE FLINTSTONES. The film is still in development stages, but we know the script will be written by Chris Henchy, who co-wrote the script for the Ferrell and Zack Galifianakis comedy THE CAMPAIGN. Seth MacFarlane was developing an animated reboot of the TV show a few years ago, but it ultimately failed to move forward after the pilot script didn’t catch on.

THE FLINTSTONES can easily be compared to THE SIMPSONS these days; not for its run which was only from 1960-1966, but for its primetime airings that helped it become a cultural phenomenon. I’m happy to see old favorites like PEANUTS and THE FLINTSTONES get new life on the big screen; in the right hands these could be solid movies.

Up next on this reboot train we call Hollywood is a remake of the 1980 Goldie Hawn comedy PRIVATE BENJAMIN. PITCH PERFECT star Rebel Wilson will take the lead in the updated version now set in the Marines. The original followed a sheltered young high society woman who joins the army on a whim and *record scratch* finds herself in more trouble than she expected. Hopefully they will keep her accent intact unlike her sitcom Super Fun Night. Is it too late to sort that out by the way?

There are no dates announces for either project but we will keep you posted.  What do you guys think about these remakes?

And here's something for the..kids?

Source: THRThe Wrap



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