Red 3 already in development months before Red 2 even hits theaters

With RED 2 not even opening until July 19th, Summit Entertainment is already forecasting a hit to match the success of the first RED. With that in mind, they are already developing the script for RED 3, likely to see the return of all characters who make it out of RED 2 alive.

The 2010 Robert Schwentke directed RED grossed $90 million in the U.S. and almost $200 million globally. Assuming that RED 2 had a budget bigger than the $58 million for the original, the sequel would have to gross over $100 million domestically to really make a third film worthwhile. RED 2 already has a bit more buzz going thanks to a fun trailer and the fan cred for director Dean Parisot (GALAXY QUEST).

The Hollywood Reporter says that Jon and Erich Hoeber, who wrote the first two movies, are writing RED 3. Summit is likely positioning the RED films as a banner franchise now that TWILIGHT is done. To me, I would much rather see senior citizens blowing each other to shit rather than another sparkly vampire movie.

RED 3 has no projected release date, but will hinge on RED 2 opening big on July 19th.



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