Red Dead 2 has largest first weekend in entertainment history with $725M

When "Red Dead Redemption 2" was announced some time ago it was a sure thing it would make piles of cash. As the release date drew closer that fact became more and more evident, but now the game has leaped over some of the wildest expectations, roping in an astronomical $725 million in its first three days, giving it the biggest opening weekend ever for an entertainment product. In other words, they struck gold up in them hills!

Rockstar Games now gets to claim that impressive record over the likes of movies like AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, which made $640 million around the world in its opening weekend. It must be said, though, that the $725 million does fall short of the $1 billion made by "Grand Theft Auto V" in its first three days a few years ago, but that game came out on a Tuesday, while RDR came out on a Friday, so the weekend record belongs to the latter.

On top of having the biggest entertainment launch of 2018, the game was also able to break a few other records, including:

  • Most pre-ordered PlayStation game ever.
  • Highest one-day sales for a PlayStation game.
  • Highest first three-day sales on the PlayStation Network.

Obviously, a total like that wasn’t as hard to reach as it would be for a movie like AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, with the average ticket costing between $10-15. Copies of RDR went from anywhere between $60 and $100 (for special editions), but still, it’s opening weekend is nothing short of fantastic. And that's not all the money it stands to make. As the holiday season rolls around the game will continue to sell copies, and when "Red Dead Online" launches soon players can spend money on in-game purchases to buy better gear and upgrades. 

"Red Dead Redemption 2" is out now, so grab a horse and get playing like everyone else!

Source: Variety



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