Red Machine behind the scenes: Thomas Jane against a giant grizzly bear

Labeled "how I spent my b-day" by Thomas Jane on his blog, below you'll find a behind the scenes picture from his upcoming movie RED MACHINE

Red Machine behind the scenes

I for one really enjoy this kind of western, where man is stripped down and must face himself as well as face nature.  Such tales have the potential to be truly visceral, thrilling, gripping, and engaging (see THE GREY), and hopefully RED MACHINE will deliver when it releases some time in 2013.

Plot recap: RED MACHINE centers around two estranged brothers (Marsden and Jane) who attempt to reconcile their relationship on a camping trip with their girlfriends. But once they are out in the wilderness, alone, things go terribly wrong when they are attacked and stalked by a grizzly bear (aka The Red Machine).

RED MACHINE is directed by David Hackl (SAW V) and also stars Billy Bob Thornton, James Marsden, Adam Beach, Scott Glenn, Piper Perabo, Michaela McManus and Kelly Curran.

Extra Tidbit: Thomas Jane voiced the main character in Neversoft's very underrated western-themed video game GUN. He was, of course, fantastic.
Source: Thomas Jane



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