Red State back on?

Kev's secondary income.

If you haven't yet read Jenna Busch's interview with Kevin Smith, then what the HELL are you waiting for? Jenna's awesome! and Smith's not bad either...

Anyway, Kev spoke to Jenna about his dormant horror project RED STATE, which was left in limbo when the Weinsteins judged it too dark and bleak, meaning they don't see any money in it. He told her he'd eventually contemplate financing the damn thing himself if he had to.

Apparently though Smith won't have to spring his wallet for us to enjoy his vision of a scary flick, since things have been moving a bit during the course of the week. Out in England to promote his Smodcast book and field a few Evening With sessions, the big guy talked to Den of Geek -AFTER his chat with Jenna- saying “I got a call at 2am last night. I think we’ve got the money for Red State.

Nice to hear, but doubtful he'll get a jump on it right away, seeing how he's been going on about HIT SOMEBODY lately. Plus he might as well wait for COUPLE OF DICKS to be a hit (hopefully) so that money might come in even more. Or should he go spooky right away? What do y'all think?

Extra Tidbit: I DO love Kevin Smith, but maybe, JUST maybe, he should leave his wife out of his next few films. Ya know?
Source: Den of Geek



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