Religulous poster

If anyone has seen or heard Bill Maher's stand-up, then you know the man does not hold back. He is fiercly opinionated, and I don't even feel comfortable referring to it as stand-up, because that implies commentary, and while Maher is obviously funny, what he does is commentary. It's time Maher reaches for a wider audience and I feel his new documentary RELIGULOUS will be the perfect way to do it. /Film has landed the teaser poster for the film, which features Maher's face burned into a grilled-cheese sandwhich, an obvious reference Virgin Mary sightings of a similar nature.

Bill Maher is often critical of organized religion and has referred to it as a "neurological disorder" that spreads guilt and hatred without offering anything in return, so you can expect this film to be every bit as controversial as Maher himself often is. As the poster clearly advertises, it's directed by Larry Charles, who is finally getting well-deserved recognition after directing BORAT. There is no doubt this film will capitalize on that one's success. RELIGULOUS is set to screen at Toronto.

Extra Tidbit: An exchange between Maher and a caller on the Larry King Show: CALLER: "Hi. Well, my question is, the Lord spoke to me approximately three years ago, and if the Lord spoke to you [Maher], I was wondering if you'd become a believer." MAHER: "No, I'd check into Bellevue, which is what you should do..."
Source: /Film



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