Renee Zellweger gets Vapor

Renee Zellweger is in talks to reteam with NURSE BETTY director Neil LaBute on an adaptation of Amanda Filipacchi's novel VAPOR.  The film is described as being a contemporary romance but a synopsis of the book seems to tell a different story.  BEWARE! - this plot outline could give away more of the film than you'd care to know at this point. Proceed at your own risk!  Here's how the publisher describes the plot:

"While waiting for the subway early one morning, Anna Graham witnesses a mugging and selflessly leaps to the defense of a complete stranger. Little does she imagine that the victim, Damon Wetly, will shortly repay her efforts by inviting her to his country home and then imprisoning her in an elaborate, vapor-filled prison for nine months. There, through bizarre methods of discipline, Damon intends to fulfill Anna's wish to become 'the best actress of our day.' But Anna escapes from this torturous self-improvement program and turns the tables on her abductor, paradoxically beginning a risky romance that soon has both Anna's and Damon's heads in the clouds."  I don't know what to make of this other than I know it's perfect fodder for LaBute.  Looks like it has the makes of a very interesting film...

Source: Variety
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