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Bee Movie
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A bee just graduates from school and discovers that the one job he chooses will be that same job for the rest of his life. He gets slightly freaked out and decides to go on a little expedition outside the hive and befriends a human (that’s actually pretty hot for an animated chick) that saved his life. As their friendship deepens, our bee discovers that humans love to eat honey and that bees are not getting any kind of residual from the profits made from honey. So what does are bee friend do? He wants to sue the human race. Pretty bold if you ask me! Well, the color yellow and Mr. Seinfeld all ensue.

What am I gonna say, it’s a kid’s movie. It’s a typical animated flick with a lot of adult jokes; in fact, there were more adult jokes than there were kid jokes. It even looked like the parents were laughing more than the kids. I actually found the jokes a little too clever especially for kids. It was interesting to see how Seinfield would write this and you can clearly see it was written by a comedian as most of the segments felt like a well written comedy routine but played out for bees. Did I enjoy myself? No more than any other kid cartoon. There were some good laughs. Even the “Jewish” related jokes…”is she beeish?” I think there was a moral of the story somewhere and it was a cute interpretation on how a perfect bee society worked. Compared to the other bug animated movies that we’ve seen, it can hold its own. It will probably do well just because of the “Seinfeld effect” and as result of the good numbers it will probably receive; we can certainly expect a sequel.

Seinfeld plays Barry B. Benson our graduate bee looking for more out of life. Well, it’s not like he put a whole bunch into the voice acting bit. It was pretty much Seinfeld but as a bee. Even the bee smirk was clearly modeled after him. Considering he wrote the story, it wasn’t bad for a first time gig at writing a children’s flick. Good job little buddy!

The rest of the cast was good. There was nothing really to write home about. Ray Liotta’a little stint was hilarious and I particularly enjoyed Patrick Warburton’s role as a Renée Zellweger overbearing boyfriend.

At the end of the day it was a good children’s movie. Bring your son, daughter, nephew or niece as I’m sure all will enjoy this bee flick. Most importantly the parents bringing their kids to this wonderful little flick won’t be disappointed as they got Seinfeld delivering some good one-liners.

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-- by Tim Goernert

Source: JoBlo.com



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