Review: Premonition

3 10

A stay at home mom’s picture perfect life crumbles apart when she finds out that her husband is killed in a tragic car accident. She realizes this tragic event is a premonition as she begins to re-live the final days leading up to that fateful day. She tries to piece together the puzzle to prevent her husband’s death, which creates a whole lotta back and forth through time and really lame thrills ensue.

WHO GREENLIGHTS THESE MOVIES??!!! I just don't understand how crap like this even gets passed through the pitch phase? It was like watching a very drawn out, supposedly scary, GROUNDHOG DAY without the funny and scares. I thought that a title like "PREMONITION" and a clever movie poster (dark branches and black crows forming a face), we would see a cool supernatural, eerie thriller, jump out of your seat kinda flick. This movie doesn't hit on any of those features. It was ridiculously predictable and excruciatingly slow.

Bullock played her part well as the wife with the premonitions but all the great acting in the world could not save this movie. What was she thinking??!! She's a good actress, so why would she waste her talent on crap? She's better than this and hopefully her fans will quickly forget she was in this movie.

Dr. Troy/Dr. Doom (for the record I didn't like him as Doom) a.k.a Julian McMahon, who plays Bullock’s doomed husband should just stick to TV. Hey Dr. Troy, if you're going to venture into movies, especially if you’re already great on T.V., please pick better roles. Parts and movies like this will only hurt your career, bro!

You know a thriller or supposedly creepy film sucks when it cues the music up to prepare you for “the big scare". Then when it does happen, it's not really scary at all, almost anti-climatic. You jump only because they jack the music up at that one spot. You know, maybe if they made this movie say ten years ago it might have been good. But I'm afraid audiences are a lot smarter these days and much more demanding on a decent ending or the big twist at then end when everything comes together. Well ...don't expect much here folks, it's the most pathetic twist/cop-out ending I've seen in a long time!

Bottom line...this movie sucked! Don't waste your time or your money. Harsh, eh? The "suits" in Hollywood should create a site where the public vote on the pitches as to what movies should be made! They really need to start screening out the shit that creeps through the cracks and get made as this is just getting ridiculous now!

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-- by Tim Goernert

Source: JoBlo.com



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