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Rush Hour 3
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Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker return for a third (and hopefully last) time in this RUSH HOUR saga. This time around, Chief Inspector Lee is assigned to protect some “official" guy at a special meeting to bring down organized crime. Unfortunately, this guy gets assassinated and Lee promises the guy’s daughter that he’ll find her father’s killer. Meanwhile, Detective Carter has been reduced to traffic duty and is desperate for some action. Somehow, these two manage to hook up again and seek out the assassin together. Laughter is supposed to ensue...

God, this movie sucked. Wow! Ratner really dropped the ball on this one! I don’t even know why they ever made it, especially after six years, I mean really...where do I even begin?! I think this was supposed to be an action/comedy flick, but it felt more like I was watching an Austin Powers movie...without Austin! Other than the one-liners you've already seen in the previews, the comedy in the movie was nothing to write home about either. As for the gool ol' fashioned Jackie Chan action, well, it felt more like I was watching a dull choreographed stunt show at Universal Studios.

Add to that the fact that the storyline was fragmented and a lot of the scenes simply didn’t make sense and you've got a recipe for disaster. Like can anyone tell me why that fight started up in the Dojo scene or when they arrived in Paris and were greeted by the police in such a hostile and “intruding” way? There were a number of scenes like that throughout the film. Basically, it was a poorly written script and I can’t believe this is the same guy who wrote the next Indiana Jones installment…very, very scary guys.

It was good to see Chris Tucker come out of hibernation though. It’s too bad his humor is a little dated now because he was funny like six years ago (and I loved him in THE FIFTH ELEMENT…PZZZZ!). I dunno, maybe it was because of his long absence that a lot of his scenes seemed like he was just trying too hard, but whatever the reason; it just wasn’t working for me. Maybe this shouldn’t have been the movie for him to groove back into the scene with. He’s a likeable actor and let’s hope we get to see him in something different again real soon.

Also, I hate to say this but Jackie Chan is getting a little too old for this sorta thing. There’s still a place for him in movies, but just not where the roles are this physically demanding. The stunts and fight scenes were lame and you can almost see the wires for the air and throw shots. Maybe more roles like Mr. Miyagi might be better for him.

So my advice to you is that you shouldn't go see this! I think I remember liking the first two, but it was sooooo long ago that I barely even remember them. I will give this movie two things though: Hiroyuki Sanada is a 100% badass -- he needs to be in more American action movies! And the other thing is Ratner’s taste in women. But that's about it. This movie has nothing else to offer…well okay, and maybe the gag reel during the end credits! (probably funnier than the movie itself).

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-- by Tim Goernert

Source: JoBlo.com



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