Rhys Meyers gets Shelter

If THE FORGOTTEN is any indication, Julianne Moore and supernatural thrillers go together like me and not being fat. But the scarlet o’haired actress is giving it another go with a movie called SHELTER. Today comes word that she has herself a costar, in the form of Jonathan Rhys Meyers, otherwise known as the man who screwed Scarlett Johansson and then blew her away with a shotgun when he was done with her. The script was written by Michael Cooney, who wrote the little-seen but well-liked thriller IDENTITY, and will be directed by Swedish duo Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein (STORM). The plot hasn’t officially been released yet, leaving all major news outlets scrambling, but someone wrote it up a couple of years ago (since this project has been around for a while) as being about a forensic psychologist (Moore) who discovers that the multiple personalities of her one her patients are all murder victims. Shooting will start next month in the new home of Marion Hossa, Pittsburgh.
Extra Tidbit: Jonathan Rhys Meyers' eyes killed JFK.
Source: Variety



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