Rich people problems are abound in the red band trailer for Affluenza

The folks that brought up HOLY ROLLERS, director Kevin Asch and writer Antonio Macia, are back with a loosely based take on The Great Gatsby. AFFLUENZA has all the ingredients of The O.C. (money, sex, and privilege) and all the spoiled rich kids you want to punch right in the face.

A new NSFW red-band trailer has hit, but first here is the synopsis:

Suburbia, 2008. Swept up in a heady pre-recession world of absentee parents, plentiful booze and casual sex, aspiring photographer Fisher Miller (Ben Rosenfield) escapes his middle-class life for the moneyed mansions of the young, beautiful elite. With a stash of high-quality weed and a vintage camera, he gains access to his gorgeous cousin Kate's (Nicola Peltz) circle of wealthy and indulged friends, just as their entitled reality is about to spin out of control. A revealing take on the hidden perils of privilege.

The film stars Nicola Peltz, who appears in TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION this weekend, so that was an upside to watching the trailer. It was also nice to see Steve Guttenberg swearing up a storm, call off that search party. The film is seemingly taking a look at the wage disparity issue between classes that is a rather big focus these days. Whether the movie intended on that good timing or not is up to the marketing people at this time.

AFFLUENZA is set to hit theaters and On Demand July 11, 2014.

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