Rick and Morty creators give fans a chance to record commentaries with them

I really loved season 3 of RICK AND MORTY. And while it's been well-received, I still don't understand those who vehemently hate it (unless they just got really sick of the PICKLE RICK memes). Now, I'll admit I don't know if this season had any of my favorite ever episodes in it, but it also didn't have the lulls season 2 had, like the "Get Schwifty" or THE PURGE episodes. So I'd love to talk to the creators, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, about season 3, to pick their brains (figuratively, but literally if it were legal).

And it looks like I might have a chance! It seems they've "partnered with Omaze to offer fans the chance to join them in Los Angeles to record commentary with the guys for the Season 3 DVD. Right now, fans can visit omaze.com/rickandmorty to enter for as little as a $10 donation to Planned Parenthood." Cool!

And you can even see a practice commentary below with an impromptu show, via RICK AND MORTY action figures (which, by the way, I want dearly):

Not only that, but you'll also eat nuggets dipped in the world-famous Szechuan sauce, and get flown out to LA and put up in a 4-star hotel! Schwifty, indeed.

Meanwhile, the next episode of RICK AND MORTY will come out, according to Mr. Poopy Butthole, whenever (unless you believe the rumors that a Christmas special will be the real finale, then the wait is only a couple months). So we'll see.

Extra Tidbit: The original DOC AND MHARTI shorts (which RICK AND MORTY are based off of) always ended with Mharti licking or sucking Doc's balls to get them out of a jam. No really.
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